Replica watches notes and all kinds of little knowledge, know that you are a fake watches expert

1: Will the watch with gold-plated replica watch fade? Give everyone a unified answer today.

Rose gold is an alloy of copper and gold. The copper component reacts with oxygen in the air. Over time, the color will be slightly darker rather than faded (reducing with antioxidants), which is normal. The process uses PVD vacuum plating and does not fall off.

In addition, customers also asked the steel shell table in the store is basically 316L steel material, 316 steel material will not wear 904 steel? In fact, in addition to Rolex with 904L steel, all high-grade fake watches are 316L stainless steel, they are all Austrian non-magnetic steel, the biggest advantage is that no magnetism will not oxidize, 316L is steel for medical equipment, no allergic reaction to the skin, 316L Steel costs are high, and the case and main splint of the premium watch are both 316L steel.

Jiayu wants to say that any replica watch will have traces fake rolex of normal use. For a long time, no matter whether the genuine imitation goods will have normal wear marks, it is directly proportional to the wearer's habits and love.

2: mechanical error

The allowable error range of the mechanical replica watch is ¡À30 sec/day. The average error of the movement certified by the Observatory ranges from -4 sec/day to +6 sec/day. The specific error depends on the movement used in the replica watch. Not according to the principle that the higher the price, the smaller the error, the power source of the automatic mechanical replica watch wears the energy of the wrist of the wearer to generate replica watches uk energy for the spring winding, and a fully-automatic mechanical replica watch can last for about 36 hours: if it is guaranteed to wear normally every day In the case of the case, it can operate for about 15 hours. If it is not worn or shaken less than the above time (the amount of exercise of the wearer is small), the watch will stop moving. Before wearing it again, the replica watch should be wound up.

3: Why does the automatic replica watch stop?

First of all, what is meant by a fully automatic mechanical replica watch, which can be operated by an automatic winding mechanism that can tighten the spring in any direction (in the transparent bottom cover table). It is conceivable that only the replica watch is worn on the hand, and as the arm moves, the automatic tow also rotates to generate energy. Generally, a fully automatic replica watch should be worn on the hand for more than 8 hours a day to make up the spring energy, but it is not absolute. It is recommended to wear a watch on holidays, and the replica watch will not stop if it is constantly energized by the wearer. Nowadays, people who work in the office are common. Watches often stop. In addition to the movement, the wearer¡¯s lack of exercise can not add enough energy to the rolex replica clockwork. For this reason, you can use the hand to dial. The clockwork method is used to make up.

Focus on the study of replica watch custom assembly inspection, spend the least cost to play the highest-end replica watch, screen the most perfect case work, commission the most stable movement performance, replica watch this thing, the formal operation is only because we are more professional.