The automatic replica watch is based on the general hand-dial linked list plus an automatic part

1: Do you usually want to wind the automatic replica watch?

The automatic replica watch is based on the general hand-dial linked list plus an automatic part. The automatic parts include the automatic turret and the automatic wheel. The automatic watch we sell is generally stopped when coming out of the cabinet. First, the salesperson is required to help the customer. After the hair is wound, as long as the customer wears enough time every day, the automatic gyro can replenish the source of the clockwork, so that the automatic watch can go normally. We should advocate that the automatic replica watch should use the hand to make the spring as little as possible. The strip needs to be driven by the handle to drive many automatic wheels to rotate together, and the automatic parts are very easy to wear, which increases the unnecessary maintenance cost for the customer.

2: In the fake watch list, why is the hand replica watch linked to the general automatic table error?

The high-end automatic watches on the market (like Rolex, Omega, etc.) are certified by the Observatory, requiring the movement to have an average error range of -4 seconds/day to +6 seconds/day. On the contrary, the requirements of the replica watches manufacturers, the opponent's winding list is focused on the materials used, generally precious metals; and the thickness of the replica watch is designed to be very thin. Manufacturers believe that the consumer groups of famous watches are mostly specific groups. These people often have several watches, and they will wear different styles of watches according to the occasion. Watches made of precious metals like this are usually considered to be banquet tables. The wearing of such watches is most importantly a symbol of identity. The fake watch itself does not pay much attention to its accuracy, so it is a two-handed replica watch, not even Waterproof performance.

3: Introduction to anti-vibration and anti-magnetic performance

1. The replica watch generally has a certain anti-shock function, and the anti-shock function inside the watch can play a role under the impact of external force. If the quartz watch battery is disconnected from the positive and negative poles, the mechanical watch balance disc is rolex replica misaligned, causing the watch to stop, causing you a certain illusion that the replica watch has broken, in fact, just reinstall it in the authorized service station.

2, the so-called anti-magnetic replica watch, not all parts of the watch are anti-magnetic, only the main parts, such as balance wheel, spring, spring, etc. made of anti-magnetic materials.

3, although some watches have anti-shock, anti-magnetic function, but it can only play a preventive role, so should avoid violent collision or place the replica watch next to the electric field generating magnetic or magnetic objects replica horloges, such as TV, stereo, freezer, Mobile phones, induction cookers, electric mahjong tables, magnetic bags, etc., the above reasons may cause the replica watch to stop or misalign.