How to solve the phenomenon of magnetic on mechanical replica watches

1: How to solve the phenomenon of magnetic on mechanical replica watches

Once the replica watch is magnetized, it will suddenly go very fast, even 1-2 hours/day. Usually wear mechanical replica watches to pay attention to stay away from magnetic fields, such as audio, television, mobile phones and other electrical appliances. Magnetization is a common phenomenon today. The solution is not difficult. It only needs to go to the authorized maintenance department to demagnetize with special equipment. In just 30 seconds, the fake watch can demagnetize and has no effect on the performance of the replica watch.

2: Introduction of waterproof performance

1. The waterproof performance of the replica watch mainly depends on the waterproof rubber ring of the mirror, the back cover, the crown, etc., and adopts a spiral crown to achieve the corresponding waterproof standard.

2, the waterproof performance of fake watches is usually divided into:

Not waterproof (the back cover is not marked)

Sweat prevention (SWEAT-RESISTANT)

General waterproof (WATER-RESISTANT), 30 meters waterproof (30M, 3ATM, 3BAR), 50 meters waterproof (50M, 5ATM, 5BAR).

The diving replica watch is 100 meters waterproof, 200 meters waterproof, 300 meters waterproof.

3. Regarding the waterproof performance of watches, national standards and international standards have clear regulations: all watches marked with waterproof should withstand at least 2 atmospheres, that is, no water in 20 meters water depth, 30 meters waterproof means the replica watch can withstand 3 atmospheres, and so on. The premise of this standard is that the test is carried out under laboratory conditions, the temperature is rolex replica maintained at 20-25 degrees Celsius, and the watch and water are at rest, in which case the replica watch is qualified if it is waterproof.

3: Waterproof precautions

The waterproof replica watch of 1, 30 meters refers to the pressure of 3 kilograms per square centimeter. It is equivalent to the pressure of 30 meters in the static state, which is equivalent to the pressure of 3 atmospheres. The design of this replica watch is mainly to prevent the movement from being Dust and moisture damage, not suitable for water and swimming.

2. Waterproof meters of 100 meters or more are suitable for water sports such as snorkeling.

3. All waterproof watches can not be used in hot water baths, saunas or environments with drastic changes in temperature. Because the waterproof rubber rings are affected by temperature, they will expand and shrink, and will accelerate the aging and affect the waterproof function. Water intake from the replica watches uk caused by improper use will not be covered by the warranty.

4, the crown should be kept in a normal position, the spiral crown should be tightened, do not adjust the crown in the water.

5. The waterproof rubber ring and crown of the replica watch must be replaced regularly according to the use.