Recommendations for the maintenance and repair of replica watches

1: crystal, case and strap

1, the material of the replica watch is divided into plexiglass, mineral crystal glass, sapphire crystal glass. The materials of the case and strap are commonly found in plastic, copper, stainless steel, tungsten-titanium alloy, high-tech ceramics, and precious metals.

2, sapphire glass, tungsten-titanium alloy and high-tech ceramics are hard to wear materials, their hardness is Mohs 9th, 8th, 7th grade (diamond 10). Although these materials are resistant to abrasion, they cannot withstand strong impacts. Some materials with the same hardness or higher, such as diamonds, steel jade, oxidized metals, and quartz crystals, may damage these materials; grindstones, sandpaper, and nails. Frustration, granite surface, confusing earth wall surface, glass and floor contain the above substances, which will scratch the surface of these materials.

3, the case, strap must be cleaned frequently, can be washed and dried with warm water. Sweat, dirt, etc. can corrode the appearance of the watch and can cause skin irritation to individual people. Newly bought replica watches should be peeled off the protective film on the back cover, otherwise the sweat will remain in the middle of the corrosion back cover. Fake Watches should avoid contact with various chemicals. Once they are touched Rolex replica, they should be cleaned in time to avoid discoloration, shedding or other damage.

2: If you are buying a belt replica watch, please pay attention

1. Avoid contact with moisture and moisture to prevent discoloration and deformation.

2. Avoid long-term exposure to the sun to prevent fading.

3, because the cortex is easy to penetrate, avoid contact with oily substances or cosmetics.

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3: Mechanical table use recommendations

1. The replica watch of the manual winding movement should be wound up once at the same time every day, so that the watch has enough energy to operate in the next 24 hours.

2, the replica watch of the self-winding movement, the energy comes from the movement of the wearer's arm, so there is no need to manually wind the string under normal wearing conditions, only when the wearer is not enough to add enough energy to the spring, it can be manually wound. The method is used to make up, and the crown rotation is controlled within twenty circles when winding.

3. For self-winding replica watches that have not been worn for more than 40 hours, the crown should be turned 20 times when it is worn again to start the movement system of the movement again.

4. To prevent moisture from penetrating into the case and keeping the replica watch waterproof, please ensure that the crown is locked at all times.

4: Maintenance and repair advice

In order to ensure the correct operation and accuracy of your replica watches, we recommend that your replica watch should be maintained regularly.

1. Perform a waterproof test and appearance cleaning every year.

2, mechanical movement replica watch, every 3-5 years to do a whole machine maintenance.

3. This not only keeps the replica watch in good working condition, but also effectively extends its service life. However kopior klockor, the above maintenance service is only applicable to replica watches under normal wearing conditions, and does not include watches that are not worn properly or subject to constant impact.